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Food, friends, family & communityA Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography dishes up a tasty book club read!

From a toppings-to-share pancake breakfast to a deceptively named Great Wheat Harvest, teamwork, trials, and laughter abound in A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography, a debut book by farmer, writer, teacher, and activist Kayann Short, Ph.D.

 If your book group enjoys potlucks or locally grown dinners, pair food ideas from the book with the author’s discussion questions at abushelsworth.com/book-club-questions for a lively and delicious book group event or contact the author through a bushelsworth.com for a guest visit–or field trip to her farm!

 Crafted with lyrical prose and seasoned with diary entries written by the author’s grandmother—as well as hearty recipes from then and now—A Bushel’s Worth shares stories of delicious meals, hard work in the fields, family farm histories, and stewardship of ten acres of farmland and the lives it nourishes at Stonebridge Farm.

 A Bushel’s Worth offers food for thought on how we                     grow, harvest, and eat today.

 Here’s what readers are saying about A Bushel’s Worth:

“I’ve been reading a chapter most mornings with my first cup of coffee, the perfect combination.”

“I would have finished A Bushel’s Worth right away, but it inspired me to work in my garden!”

“My mom has been re-reading out loud the chapters of the book to the great-grandchildren before their nap time. As they listen and go to sleep, she continues rocking and reading.”

“It brought back memories of my grandparents, having the threshers eating a big meal on tables in the yard and the women cooking up a fabulous dinner.  “

“I learned so much from the book about things like apples and putting by and seeds and cooking for threshers. The book is so tactile and particular and deliberate and just, well, nourishing.”



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